Private Lessons For Kids


Imagine your life now if you started practicing yoga, meditation, and emotional intelligence as a child. You would be an UNSTOPPABLE force!  Providing your child with life lasting tools for them to reach their highest potential is one of your great responsibility as a parent. Nurturing your children with the highest quality education of emotional, spiritual, and physical intelligence is at the foundation of healthy familial and interpersonal relationships. If your kids are athletes, artists, or into scholastic, research shows that incorporating yoga and meditation will drastically improve their results and also put them ahead of the learning curve.  Rather than having to unlearn decades of behavioral patterns and relearn new ones as an adult, you are giving your children the advantage of simply learning healthy, life-long habits.


When your children are self-aware and focused, the sky's the limit.  I have had the honor of working with THOUSANDS of children! Both one on one and in group settings, instilling the wisdom and knowledge of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness; helping children to see and reach their potential with the confidence to be extraordinary human beings. Your investment in your children is not just for them and your family, but for our collective future. 



 “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” -- His Holiness The Dalai Lama

My youngest student is 1 year old, yoga is the most natural thing in the world for a child, they a born naturals but lack discipline (which is also natural). This is where you come in.  Mediocre dedication to practicing yoga yields mediocre results.  Yoga is meant to be a consistent, life long, practice and starting young ensures such dedication. It is not beneficial for you or your child to have a one off lesson, therefore I do not offer them.  Kids need a few lessons to warm up and get into a groove, it is an ongoing learning process that can not be achieved after one session and they also THRIVE on consistency.  I once had a teacher tell me, "Yoga is like brushing your teeth.  You don't just do it for 14 minutes at the end of the week.  You do it daily for ultimate health."  

Rates: 60 min lesson                       

4 lessons~ once per week- $900                       
*Must be used in calendar month 

8 lessons~ twice per week- $1800                     
*Must be used within 2 calendar months 

12 lessons~ three per week- $2700                   
*Must be used within 3 calendar months
*One Month Minimum Required **24 hour cancellation notice ***1 child/lesson each additional child +$100 *All lessons are online

Mary rocks! She has a special ability to keep giant groups of children entranced and guide them through a fun yoga session. It is a great experience! -Charlie B

Mary is the absolute best. Every morning at Freedom Surf Camp in Venice Beach you will find her spreading the powerful knowledge of yoga to possibly the toughest group of kids. If you ever have a chance to witness her gift definitely 100% no question take the opportunity!!! - Matt Z