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"I have come to believe that a majority of people at some point of their life feel compelled to make a conscious shift in the way they are living to evolve for a greater quality of existence. How wonderful at that! This shift can have a focus on mental health, physical health- it can can be big, it can be small.. Mine? well, mine was rather big! During this time of transition, I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Haberrski. What a blessing! Her presence is so warm and kind. She feels like a friend that you have had for years even at first meeting. When I told her where I was at in life, she promptly began offering insight on the various types of yoga practices- their techniques and even the history behind each one. I had attended yoga classes in the past, but i never quite seemed to "get it." I had found those classes straining, and I would feel lost in the positions. Yet, upon taking Mary's classes, I find myself continually impressed with how I seem to effortlessly "get it," through her thorough explanations and creative choice of choreography. To date, I am a yoga practitioner through and through! I have ended my gym membership and am ever- grateful for the path Mary has allowed me to see. I feel that she would be an absolute asset to any facility or program that encourages a healthy way of living!"

-Leslie Ann Lewis, LEED AP


"Practicing with Mary is truly a joy! She is caring, responsive, and warm in every way. She teaches you to love and take care of your body, and to laugh and be light during class. I enjoyed the various Kundalini techniques she works into Vinyasa classes, as well as the wonderful mini-massages during Shavasana. With Mary, students are in good hands – literally!"

-Jennifer Tang


"I never understood why people that were into yoga loved it so much. For 7 years, I took classes sporadically at different studios with different teachers to keep trying to see what it was that people found so satisfying about yoga. I wanted to like it, but started thinking that maybe it's just not for me. Luckily I came across Mary's class and it just clicked for me! It was her gentle words/stories and knowledge in teaching different poses in the right steps at the right time that finally made me understand why yoga is so loved by many. It is because of Mary that I wanted to learn more and decided to get a membership to the studio. The right teacher can make all the difference in opening the eyes and mind of the student!"

-Shelley Cole


"Mary Haberski is a phenomenal yoga teacher. I love how she incorporates breath work and introduces new things every class and, she always challenges me and I get a good sweat in. She has great explanations of benefits and is very articulate and clear. Mary always has a smile on her face and I feel like I’m on cloud 9 after taking one of her magical classes."

-Melissa Breslow


"When I need some release and relief in my body I call Mary!  Her deep touch allows my body to destress and let go of tension and stuck energy....LOVE LOVE LOVE my Mary bodywork!"

-Micaela Passeri