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Awaken & Ignite Your Potential 

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motivation and inspiration

Discover your extraordinary potential with me. I'm on a mission to help you tap into your innate power and a world of limitless possibilities. As a teacher, guide, and business woman, I'm committed to helping 1 million people, including you, to collapse time and realize your fullest potential.

Hello & Welcome

I am Mary Haberski, an inspirational figure whose influence reverberates across diverse domains, encompassing spiritual/executive coaching, yoga, meditation, spiritual and personal development, master tarot readings, and speaking.


I am an internationally celebrated luminary in the fields of coaching, wellness and spirituality, with over 13 years of multi-disciplinary teaching experience and an inspiring 23-year personal practice. My teachings have touched the lives of many, encompassing both children and hundreds of thousands of people globally.


Through my guidance, individuals embark on transformative journeys towards inner peace and holistic wellness in all aspects of life and business.

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social media influencer Dubai

"Absolutely cannot recommend Mary enough!! I really didn’t feel ready to start coaching - I was going through a rough transition and was in a scarcity mindset with investing in myself and now after 2 months with her - I just can’t put enough value on the progress I’ve made with her help!


I feel so seen, supported and encouraged. She’s helped me tune into my inner child, release a lot of pent up anger & I am FINALLY after 2.5 years of feeling unsettled and ungrounded - feeling like I’m getting my footing on solid ground again and this time I have the tools I need to stay there when life tosses me challenges.


I love how spiritually connected Mary is and at the same time isn’t about the woo woo BS. She gets down to the nitty gritty of where the root of the issue begins. All with so much love and compassion.


I love the voice memo communication through out the week. When something comes up I’m able to hop on a just speak it out right away and her words of wisdom always hit deep and make an impact.


INVEST IN YOURSELF! You won’t regret this!"


Wellness Entrepreneur & Influencer

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