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Your home for Self-Love and Transformation

Welcome to my wellspring of wisdom and a world of limitless possibilities! I'm thrilled to invite you to explore a treasure trove of nearly 100 online courses and classes, spanning the realms of healing, coaching, tarot, personal development, yoga, meditation, and more, all available on demand for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere! Here is where all levels of growth are welcomed. There is something for everybody.


Whether you seek to deepen your understanding of yoga, meditation, breathwork, embark on a journey of personal development, experience the power of healing, or unlock the mysteries of tarot, this virtual sanctuary is designed to empower you on your path to growth and self-discovery.


With each course and class, you'll find a road-map to a more enriched, balanced, and awakened life, all at your own pace and on your own terms. Welcome to a realm of limitless possibilities, where your transformation awaits.

Below are just a few options, hop over HERE and browse around to find the perfect class for you.

And be sure to leave 5 Star reviews!

online coaching course

ELEVATE: Group Coaching Course

This 8 week course has been lovingly created for those who are committed to and craving transformation in their lives by breaking through subconscious blocks that hold them back from living their optimal life! JOIN

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

FREE Master Class: Costly Mistakes to AVOID as a Spiritual/Wellness Entrepreneur

Embark on a transformative journey with our exclusive FREE Master Class, "Costly Mistakes to AVOID as a Spiritual/Wellness Entrepreneur" Led by Mary Haberski, an award-winning luminary in spiritual and personal development, this master class is the catalyst to unlock the door to your most fulfilling entrepreneurial venture. JOIN

Meditating in Nature

Spiritual and Wellness Entrepreneurship 101

Join Mary Haberski, an award-winning luminary and a seasoned entrepreneur with 11 years of experience, in "Spiritual and Wellness Entrepreneurship 101." This certified course is a transformative journey, blending business acumen with spiritual wisdom to align your venture with purpose. JOIN

kundalini yoga
energy healing

Light Language Energy Healing Session

Your healing session starts with guided breathwork and meditation. It will naturally progress into energy and light language healing. You will be guided out of the session and it is recommended you stay and relax to allow the energy to integrate. JOIN

UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

During this 4 week Kundalini Yoga  journey you will learn how to unlock your Kundalini energy and unleash your human potential, awaking intuition and awareness. Go at your own pace. JOIN

"Mary is a fantastic teacher. She is able to balance the physical and the spiritual with perfect ease. I love taking her classes and courses. She is a passionate, positive, and wonderful person and teacher. I highly recommend her and her classes."

— Gigi Yogini

"Mary's work come straight from heaven to earth. She is a natural healer and I always leave her classes feeling better than when I arrived. Thank you for the amazing work you do. From one yogi to another, you are appreciated and so needed in this world.
Best healings, best breathwork and best yoga philosophy."

— Glitter

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