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Spiritual and Wellness Entrepreneurship 101

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Join Mary Haberski, an award-winning luminary and a seasoned entrepreneur with 11 years of experience, in "Spiritual and Wellness Entrepreneurship 101." This certified course is a transformative journey, blending business acumen with spiritual wisdom to align your venture with purpose. What Mary Offers: *Inspiring Guidance: Mary's uplifting wisdom empowers you to infuse spirituality/wellness into your business. *Community Support: Join a like-minded community for shared experiences and mutual support. *Save Time, Money, and Eliminate Stress: A solid foundation is at the base of all successful business. What You'll Learn: Clearing Up Clarity Issues: *Introduction to Spiritual/Wellness Entrepreneurship - Transformative journey and fusion of spirituality with entrepreneurship. Solutions for Brand Identity Struggles: *Establishing Your Spiritual Brand - Defining spiritual brand elements, creating an unrefusable offer, creating a vision statement, brand naming and tagline, and planning your professional website. Demystifying Goal Setting Uncertainty: *Goal Setting and Planning - Setting SMART & Unrealistic goals , prioritizing, creating actionable plans, and visualization/manifestation exercises. Overcoming Marketing and Launch Overwhelm: *Marketing and Launch Strategy - Social media optimization, email marketing, energy dynamics, avoid burnout, and planning a soulful sales & launch. Getting Over Personal and Business Growth Confusion: *Your Spiritual Entrepreneurial Journey - Celebrating achievements, and acknowledging personal and business growth and much, much more! Why Enroll: Mary's spiritual wisdom and entrepreneurial expertise will guide this powerful on-demand, take at your own pace course to creating a business that not only succeeds but also aligns with your deepest values. Your spiritual/wellness entrepreneurial adventure begins now! Turn your passion into purpose with a thriving and fulfilling business.

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