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Meet Mary

The eye can not see it's self, that's why we need a mirror.

Mary Haberski

Entrepreneur, award winning thought leader, luminary, and change agent

I am Mary Haberski, and I am inspired, empowered, and energized by my lifelong journey of serving humanity through yoga, meditation, business, spiritual and personal development, and motivational speaking. With a heart full of gratitude, I've dedicated my life to making a meaningful impact in this world and to authentically empower and elevate others.

My mission in life is clear: to empower and energize individuals through the wisdom and experience I've gained over the years. As an embodied teacher, I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge with tens of thousands of humans worldwide, helping them tap into their inner greatness through a fusion of science and spirituality.


My teaching philosophy revolves around authenticity, empowering people to find their own autonomy, and inspiring positive transformations in their lives. Whether it's guiding them through tarot, yoga and mindfulness practices, speaking or offering spiritual, business, or executive coaching, I am dedicated to elevating and activating the potential within each individual.

I have had the honor of working with all walks of life; from children in orphanages and underserved communities, to celebrities and high profile people, and everything in between. I am obsessed with the power of transformation and the unbreakable strength of the human spirit. Mirrored in my clients, I draw my ceaseless inspiration for this work from them and their evolution.

CEO & Founder of 501c3 Daana Blue


What My Clients Often Say

"The instant you meet Mary you will be enveloped in her warm energy. She creates a welcoming, intimate environment that is intentional and sincere. You will experience “tough love” in a newfound way. Mary is not a “do what I say and not what I do” type of coach and teacher. She has gone through the work herself, and the work is tough. Her work will challenge you in this way that you don’t know how far she’s been able to push you out of your comfort zone until it’s already happening. She helps you past that self-doubt trepidation phase and she does it with grace. She gets you to a point where you can do the work without getting in your own way. After all, that growth is what we are all here for. Make the investment in yourself. You will not be disappointed."
Erin S.
Executive Sales Leader

Robert Rose, Product Designer

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