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Master Tarot Readings with Mary


As a tarot reader, I understand that difficult or sensitive topics may arise during a reading as we are looking into a mirror of the soul. My utmost priority is to create a safe and supportive space where my clients feel comfortable sharing their concerns. I handle such topics with a deep sense of responsibility, ensuring that my clients receive the guidance they seek with compassion, grace, and utmost respect. If the message comes through the cards, I deliver it to my clients with love and sensitivity. I understand the weight and significance of the information shared, and it is treated with reverence and non-judgment.

Maintaining the confidentiality of my clients is a foundational principle in my work. I assure my clients that their personal and sensitive information shared during the reading remains strictly confidential. I hold their trust with the utmost respect, and their privacy is protected at all times. I never share details or discussions from a reading with others.

Creating a supportive environment is essential to ensure that my clients feel seen, heard, and understood throughout the entire process. I strive to foster a sense of trust, allowing them to openly express their concerns and emotions. I encourage an open dialogue, providing a compassionate space for them to share their thoughts, ask questions, and seek clarity.


My intention is to empower my clients and provide them with insights that can guide them through difficult situations. I offer guidance and suggestions for navigating challenging topics, always reminding them that they have the power to make their own choices and decisions.

*Upon purchase you agree to the listed terms and conditions on the cart check out page, kindly read them.



Mystic Explorer-
15 Minutes

Dip your toes into the etheric world of tarot with a 15-minute session. Perfect for quick insights and burning questions.


Cosmic Trailblazer-
45 Minutes

Venture further into the cosmos with a 45-minute tarot reading. Delve into the mysteries of your path and navigate life's twists and turns.


Charting Corporate Success

Dive into the intuitive realm of corporate insights. Gain clarity on partnerships, employees, and key decisions. Propel your business towards success with an hour of focused guidance. Choose from a single session or one per quarter. 





Enchanted Voyager-
30 Minutes

Embark on a 30-minute journey through the cards, diving deeper into your inquiries for clarity and guidance.


Ethereal Navigator-
60 Minutes

Become the master of your destiny with a full 60-minute tarot reading. Explore every facet of your life's journey and find clarity in the cards.


Enchanted Tarot Events

Elevate Your Occasion with readings. In addition to my services, I offer captivating tarot readings for your special events. Whether it's a bridal shower, birthday party, corporate gathering, or any celebration, infuse a touch of mysticism into your event.


Give the Gift of Tarot

All of my offerings can be beautifully gifted to others. If you choose to share the transformative power of tarot with a loved one, after purchase, simply send me an email with the recipient's name and contact information. It's a meaningful gesture that can bring clarity, inspiration, and guidance to those dear to you.

I just finished crying through your reading, after listening again. You have no idea how gifted you are. (or maybe you do) but it's pretty incredible. And hauntingly specific. Every single thing you said resonated with something. I so appreciate it, your insight is always backed by so much love and was really helpful.

Susie K

Your Guide

Since my early years, the occult and mysticism have captivated my soul. At 14, I purchased my first mesmerizing set of oracle cards that awakened an insatiable curiosity within me.

Immersed in their intricate symbolism, I felt an indescribable connection and an urge to explore the profound depths they held. I have always been highly intuitive, empathic, and psychic and the cards seemed to read my soul.

Over time, the universe seemed to conspire in my favor, presenting me with various gifted decks from friends and clients. Each encounter felt like destiny, as if these cards were destined to be a part of my life's purpose. They became my guiding companions, allowing me to access the secrets of the cosmos and unravel the complexities of human existence.

With each reading, I delved deeper into the intricate web woven by the cards. I honed my interpretive skills, nurtured my intuition, natural gifts as a channel and clairvoyant, and expanded my knowledge of esoteric realms. At this point I have done so many readings, I can't keep track with a number.

Today, I stand as a master tarot reader—a beacon of light amid uncertainty. My path is one of destiny, passion, and unwavering commitment. Through tarot, I offer clarity and insight, inviting others on a profound voyage of self-discovery. Each reading is an opportunity to explore inner realms, connect with universal forces, and embrace our true potential.

In a world filled with questions, tarot serves as a timeless tool—a mirror reflecting our souls' depths and a compass guiding us towards purpose. As a master tarot reader, my mission is not just a vocation but a sacred duty—to bring solace, empowerment, and enlightenment to those seeking guidance.

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