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Justin R.

Medical Doctor & Entrepreneur

"This was all so meaningful! You have no idea how much this helped to making some big business moves I'm making right now. My business partner had been holding me back and I am about to confront him next week at our board meeting and take control!"

Angie R.

 Health & Wellness Entrepreneur

"Working with Mary has really helped me break through some self limiting beliefs and patterns. She gave me much insight and many tools to add to my self care routine. This has really allowed me to tap into my deeper self and also be more grounded and mindful. It was definitely a financial stretch for me, so I did take the work very seriously. Mary is a magical beautiful soul, but I had to and will continue to do the work to make the positive shifts in my life happen!"

Sara S.

CEO & Creative Director

"I'm in tears. thank you so much Mary. It's like you went inside my soul and brain and explained everything going on with me. I have been STRUGGLING so much just from being OVERWHELMED with everything going on. I had gone into deep depression locking myself up for days in a room hiding. You've no idea how much this helped me understand what is going on with me."

Unlock Your Potential,
Transform Your Life.

Are you a super achiever, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards of excellence? Perhaps you're a high-profile individual, navigating the complexities of life while striving for inner and spiritual fulfillment?

You have come to the right place. I specialize in empowering super achievers and high-profile individuals to reach new heights of success while finding balance, purpose,

true self-love, and inner peace, utilizing my 23 years of wisdom and experience.

Having walked the path of high achievement myself, I intimately understand the pressures and challenges you face. That's why our tailored coaching containers are designed to meet your unique needs with full discretion, trust, and unwavering support.

From executive coaching to deeper spiritual connection, our work together is curated to fit seamlessly into your demanding schedule, empowering you to thrive in both your personal and professional domains.

If you are on the brink of or experiencing burnout, or looking to level up, I invite you to apply for my elite transformational coaching containers. Through the power of self-love you will be joining the ranks of the world's top achievers. Because behind every great achiever is a trusted partner, guiding the journey to greatness. Invest in yourself, invest in your future.

Not ready for 1:1 coaching...yet?

Head HERE for online courses.

Client Love

Tasha Portrait 1.jpg
"Having Mary as my coach was the insightful, empowering, focused approach that I needed as a spiritual entrepreneur. She supported me, challenged me, and mirrored me in all the ways, making way for exponential growth and softness. I wanted someone who was going to hold me accountable to the life I was creating and she showed up with compassion, guidance and love to do it. I am forever grateful to this goddess! Investing in a coach that supports every part of your growth is an act of radical self love, and I highly recommend Mary for that investment. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me, Mary!"

Tasha V.D, Coach & Tarot Reader

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