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Oracle Cards Lovingly Created to Affirm, Nurture and Nourish the Little Ones Within


Healing your relationship with your inner child (children) is the most important relationship in life that we could ever attend to. You see, your body has grown and developed but all the versions of you and your childhood remain deeply embedded in your psyche and nervous system.


These cards were created for daily use so you can affirm unconditional love to the parts of you who need it most. You can consider the inner child up to age 25. Your brain isn’t fully developed until that time, therefore we don’t always make the healthiest choices for ourselves and many of those choices are based on the wounding from childhood.


I hope you enjoy this deck and cultivate a beautiful connection with all of the versions of self. 


There are 22 cards in the deck which represent the Spiritual Master in form. My hope is that these cards get you 1 step closer to mastery. Enjoy!

Affirmations For Your Inner Child by Mary Haberski

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  • These cards are still in their infancy stage and due to the nature of printing, the cost is higher becuase I have not purchased them in bulk. Your deck is made to oder.


    Your purchase helps to set in motion larger production and lower costs. Thank you for supporting me in birthing this dream of helping people to heal themselves into a reality.


    For the time being these 3.5 X 3.5 inch cards come shrink wrapped with a booklet. Box to come in the future! 


    Please note that due to all said above it takes about 1 month for the printing to be complete.


    If this project speaks to your heart and you are interested in being an investor email me at

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